Rutland Projects Massive Yellow 'M' in Skies Over Oakham

By Gary Cutlack on at

Rutland is losing its unique heritage status as the only UK county not to house a branch of invasive eatery McDonald's, as the battery of local complaints has been ignored by councillors who have granted permission for the edge-of-town drive-through.

McDonald's is over the moon about it, and thinks locals should be too, because as many as 65 jobs should be created once the branch in Oakham is built and running. In a vague effort to appease the angrier locals many caveats have been inserted into the planning decision, though, with a few surrounding trees earmarked for protection, the council wanting to approve final materials of the build, and demands added regarding pedestrian/bike access and the all-important provision of bins for the greasy detritus.

Rutland Council's planning team member Gordon Brown said: "...the development put forward has been approved because it would not have an adverse impact on neighbouring homes and businesses, or the character of the surrounding area, and will create a significant number of new jobs on land that is set aside for employment, rather than houses."

BBC East Midlands Today managed to find a few members of the 'pro' camp to talk to as well, with one local man saying: "I'm all for it. I think it's a load of nonsense we haven't got one already. The high street is full of charity shops and coffee bars, so what's the problem?" [Rutland Council via BBC]