Samsung Announces UK Launch of the Airdresser – a Very Expensive Thing You're Definitely Not Buying

By Shabana Arif on at

Samsung's "cost-effective, time-saving home laundry solution" is here at last – for just two grand.

The AirDresser is being lauded as an appliance that will 'elevate modern life' and you know what? It is kind of snazzy. Is it £1,999 snazzy? Nope. But it's still a great idea. You just pop your clothes into the glorified cupboard and wander off while the cycle uses Jet Air and Air Hangers to release "powerful air to loosen and remove ingrained dust" and it'll do it all quietly, so you can even have the thing in your bedroom, rather than relegating it to the laundry room, or some other faraway corner of your house.

After blowing all that dust loose, make way for the JetSteam which uses high temperature steam to purge bacteria, viruses, and allergens and isn't just for clothes. According to Samsung, it's great for linens and your kids' gross old soft toys too.

As if that weren't enough bells and whistles, there's a deodorising filter in there too to eliminate the pungent remains of tobacco, sweat, and food, and it also stops those pesky smells from lingering inside the unit itself. It can also treat fabrics like fur which you should feel terrible about wearing, but at least it'll be cleaner than your conscience has any business being.

So if your dry cleaning bills for your walk-in full of furs are getting a but high, save yourself some money, and have your butler dig around the sofa cushions for a couple of grand. [Samsung via Trusted Reviews]