Samsung Reveals the Name of Its Upcoming Clamshell Phone and It's Not Galaxy Fold 2

By Shabana Arif on at

The Galaxy Fold 2 is being scrapped in favour of a more fun name - the Galaxy Bloom.

Reportedly revealed in a secret meeting at CES 2020, Samsung's upcoming clamshell smartphone will be chucking out the boring old 'Fold' moniker and going with something a bit less literal. 'Bloom' was initially thought to be a codename for the S11 (via TechRadar) but it's apparently been confirmed as the actual product name when it makes its debut.

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The flowery name appears to go hand-in-hand with Samsung's target demo and the inspiration for the design - which wasn't the Moto Razr. The aesthetic has supposedly been influenced by Lancôme's clamshell powder compacts, which is a design that the demo - young women - are already familiar with. Or so said Samsung CEO DJ Koh during the meeting.

Samsung is also doing away with Fold's plastic screen and utilising a new glass called Ultra Thin Glass (UTG) which we assume is made out of glass. Bloody Sherlock level deduction going on over here.

The Bloom may have been seen in the wild last month, although the leaked images on Chinese social media site Weibo could have been a load of old toss. We'll have to wait for more titbits before jumping o any conclusions. Although given Samsung's track records with leaks, that really shouldn't be too long. [TechRadar]