Nestle is Shaking Thing up With the Newly Announced Smarties Buttons

By Shabana Arif on at

In a bid to give its chocolate rainbow morsels a facelift, Nestle is rolling out Smarties Buttons to keep things fresh for the 83-year-old classic.

Looking at the image on the bag, I'd say they're substantially thicker than what you'd typically associate with buttons, but the chocolate mounds are stuffed full of smarties, so they've got to have a little girth to them. Available in milk, white, and orange chocolate varieties, with mini smarties nestled inside, the brand new take on this old favourite will hit supermarket shelves starting this week.

The bag sizes are a bit all over the place, with the milk chocolate variant coming in a single 32.5g pack and a 90g sharing bag, the white chocolate in a single 30g pack and an 85g sharing bag, and the orange-flavoured buttons only available in an 85g sharing bag that's exclusive to Asda. That last one is probably for the best because everyone loves chocolate orange, so an 85g bag is basically a single portion.

“Our Smarties Buttons offer all the fun, colour and crunch of Smarties, enveloped in a delicious smooth milk, white or orange-flavoured chocolate button," said Alberto Pisanello, Smarties brand. "It’s Smarties reimagined, and we are tremendously excited to introduce this new addition to the family. We hope fans love them as much as we do!”

The small bags will set you back 65p while the sharing bags (*wink*) are priced at £1.59 (via Tyla).