Snapchat's Latest Novelty Lets You and Your Friends' Bitmojis Star in Animated Shorts

By Shabana Arif on at

Snapchat is keeping things uniquely Snapchatty with the announcement of Bitmoji TV, which sounds a bit shit but Bitmoji Stories went down well, so more power to them.

To refresh your memory on Bitmoji Stories (let's pretend like we all knew what it was at some point), it's a comic strip that personalises the experience by inserting the Bitmojis of users and their friends, and have been watched by more than 100 million people on the platform since it debuted in November 2018. Just last September, Bitmoji stories was averaging 18 million viewers per episode, so Snaphat is riding that wave for something a bit bigger, with Bitmoji TV.

This one is animated, rather than being a comic strip, and the characters in the three minute-long episodes will feature celebrity guest stars, but in a bid to maintain the personal touch, your own Bitmoji won't be voiced, because then it wouldn't be you anymore. So you'll remain the silent protagonist.

There are 10 episodes total, from action thrillers, to starring in a talent competition for some reason. All sure to resonate with the kids on Snapchat, I'm sure. This is being heralded as season one so it sounds like there's a few planned. Or one more at least. They'll start rolling out every Saturday morning, because that's when kids like to watch their cartoons, starting on February 1.