Spotify's Newest Feature Lets You Create a Playlist for Your Pets

By Shabana Arif on at

Whether you have a cat, dog, or some other critter, Spotify has just the playlist for your little pal.

The new feature is obviously not meant to be taken to seriously, and lets you pick from one of five animals before entering its personality traits for the perfectly curated list of tunes to keep your pet happy. You can choose from a cat, dog, iguana, bird, and hamster before using a slider to input their character traits, ranging from how energetic they are, whether or not they're more shy or friendly, and if they fall more on the curious or apathetic end of the spectrum.

At the end of all that, you'll be prompted to enter your pet's name and can upload a photo for that extra personal touch. The playlist seems to include songs with the name of the particular animal it was made for in the title, as well as tunes that align with the traits you chose along the way.

For the purposes of giving this a whirl, I made a playlist for my ex-cat Kafka, whose aloof, curious, and energetic nature dictates that he'll enjoy such bands as Blaqk Audio, LOOM, Socionic, and (fittingly) The Presidents of the United States of America's Kitty. No idea how any of this is going to go down, but I'll pop it on the next time I see him and let you know what he has to say about it. Let us know what your pet's playlist looks like in the comments, and don't even think about posting without providing a picture of them. [Spotify via The Verge]