Subway Joins the Plant-Based Fast Food Trend With a Meatless Meatball Marinara

By Kim Snaith on at

It's January Veganuary, and every food outlet wants to be damn sure we know about it by introducing some new plant-based options to its menu. Just yesterday, KFC launched its vegan burger and Aldi rolled out a bunch of vegan-friendly ready meals. And today is Subway's turn: the sandwich king has announced its meatless meatball marinara sub. All the joys of tucking into a gooey, messy meatball sub with none of the meat.

Subway promises that its meatless meatballs are "packed with all the delicious flavour of the tasty original", and they come "smothered in mouth-watering original marinara sauce". Mmmm. Anyone who's delighted in a meatball marinara sub from Subway before will attest that the melted cheese plays a key role in its tastiness, and those opting for the vegan option need not miss out, either: Subway has vegan cheese on offer to top it off. There's also a number of vegan-friendly sauces to finish your sub off nicely with, including Sriracha hot sauce, sweet onion and garlic aioli.

It's not the first vegan option at Subway by any means, but it is the first time the chain has opted for a plant-based meat substitute. The meatless meatball marinara joins the ranks of the vegan sub, vegan salad and hash browns. Got to admit, the vegan meatballs do sound much more appetising than a plain ol' salad.

If you want to give them a try yourself, the meatless meatball marinara sub is available in branches of Subway nationwide right now.