Tesco Says its Finest Meal Deal is Just as Good as Restaurant Food, Which Will be a Popular Excuse Come Valentine's Day

By Tom Pritchard on at

There's a lot of pressure applied to Valentine's Day, especially if you're the man and your partner is a woman. The pressure is definitely on to go out for a nice meal, especially if you're a rubbish cook, where they will try and force you to pick the special Valentine's Day menu that served food that doesn't seem as nice as the regular menu but costs twice as much for no discernable reason.

If you're dreading that, Tesco might have your back, because it claims its Finest meal deal will offer a Valentine's get up that's just as good as restaurant cooking.

27 products are available in the meal deal, which promises to cost just £20 - a price Tesco claims is £13.80 less than buying all these products together. With it you can get a starter, two mains, a side dish, a dessert, plus a choice of Tesco Finest Wine, Prosecco, Premier Cru Champagne, or some sort of non-alcoholic alternative. Those alternatives are alcohol free sparkling white wine or Fentimans cola.

Plus the options are designed to cater to everyone, whether meat, fish, or animal free products. That's right, it's 2020 and Tesco obviously caters to the vegetarian and vegan populace. The vegan bits are made with Wicked Kitchen, who I hear are big on the plant-based meals.

So if you can't be bothered going out for Valentine's Day, or can't justify spending that money for whatever reason (we don't blame you, to be honest), Tesco says it has the next best thing for a price most people can enjoy. Until, of course, Poundland comes out with its range of luxury Valentine's Day meals which cost £1 per course. As is the way.