Tesco Frees the Baked Beans Multipack from Plastic Wrap

By Gary Cutlack on at

Tesco's food packaging scientists have come up with a new method of holding four cans together – the power of the mind. Instead of holding four cans of beans together with plastic, it'll only sell tins individually from now on, encouraging users to buy four of them for a discount via signs and whatnot instead. Who decided beans should only be bought four at a time anyway?

Tesco says a staggering 183,000 plastic-wrapped multipacks are sold in its supermarkets each day, so the simple idea of not doing this at all saves an unimaginable 350 tonnes of plastic from being binned every year. It's not just the own-brand tuna and beans and chopped tomatoes, either; Tesco has got tinned goods lynchpin Heinz to provide it with only unsheathed baked beans from now on, and even perennially discounted Branston beans are in on it along with the Princes and John West tinned fish giants. All the four-pack price promotions still apply, in case that was going to be your comment.

Heinz's EU boss Georgiana de Noronha said: "We’re excited to be partnering with Tesco on this. While we know we have more to do, this initiative is good news for the environment, and for the millions of people who enjoy Heinz varieties every day, as they'll still be able to benefit from the same great value for money."

Please access the associated stunt here. [Tesco via ITV News]