Tesla's Model 3 Becomes the Best Selling EV in the UK

By Gary Cutlack on at

Stats counting car registrations for the year to the end of September 2019 have declared Tesla's Model 3 the best selling of the all-electric car models on sale in the UK, with enough pent-up demand for Elon Musk's entry level model to beat established rivals Nissan's Leaf or the BMW i3.

The DVLA says more than 5,500 newly delivered Tesla Model 3s were registered with it in the year to September, so that's including all the pre-orders that went out to buyers when the machine launched in the summer. And that wave of demand was enough to beat nearly a year's worth of registration (4,500) of the refreshed Nissan Leaf that has for so long been the best known model of battery-only electric car.

The weird world of the hybrid vehicle remains more popular with car buyers than the pure sort of EV, though, as Mitsubishi's Outlander with its batteries and engine system topped the ultra-low emission vehicle sales charts for the year. People can't stop imagining themselves running out of battery in an embarrassing situation a bit like on Top Gear, so would still like to cart around an entirely separate spare engine and a tank of petrol, just in case. [DVLA via TNW]