The New Mutants Trailer Reintroduces Us to X-Gene Horrors

By Charles Pulliam-Moore on at

The New Mutants is the last vestige of Fox’s take on the property that arguably paved the way for modern superhero movies, and even though the film’s been delayed and sidelined to hell as a result of Disney’s acquisition of the studio, a new trailer’s just dropped to remind us all that kids with x-genes aren’t just cool. They can be scary as shit.

Like the earliest trailer for the movie, the newest spot emphasises that this is meant to be a horror movie, but as the kids gradually figure out that they’re not actually being treated in order to figure out how their mutant abilities work, they make the decision to spring into action. Given how stripped down the movie is, you wouldn’t expect to see Sunspot going full Sunspot and Magik manifesting he Soulsword and armoured arm, but The New Mutants is apparently more than down to get right into that kind of comics wildness.