Toilet in Shower Drives Council Inspectors to Declare War on Landlords

By Gary Cutlack on at

Oxford City Council has released a batch of photos of some of the worst housing conditions its inspectors have found in the city's rented stock, and the crimes are so great it's now pushing for all rental homes to be added to a register for better monitoring.

The absolute highlight is the above pictured expanding-brain idea of a toilet plumbed into the base of a shower to save space, which would probably be welcomed as an amazing innovation in life management were it revealed at CES, but is unfortunately not in keeping with the UK's building regulation rules. Such awful health and safety breaches have councillors demanding that a database of all 20,000 or so Oxford landlords is put in place, as currently only houses of multiple occupation – shared flats with three or more unrelated tenants – need to be registered.

Councillor Linda Smith said: "Obviously in an ideal world we wouldn't need to ask for this information, but we have found countless examples across Oxford of homes where even these most basic of standards have not been met and vulnerable tenants have been left in illegal and dangerous conditions."