Totally Guessable Crossrail Delay News Says "December 2022" For Full Opening

By Gary Cutlack on at

It might be a good idea if someone dresses up in hi-vis and investigates whether Crossrail has actually dug any new tunnels under London at all, as a new delay to the opening of the full line has been revealed; this time involving the very end of December 2022. So 2023, then. At least.

This is particularly disappointing, as it was only at the end of last year that 2021 was being touted as the most likely completion date. The new 2022 timeline comes via London Assembly member Caroline Pidgeon, who asked Transport for London to update everyone on its schedule. The sort of good news is that the central section in the city itself is still on for some time in 2021, it's merely the entire east and west extensions that won't be plugged in until May and December of 2022 respectively, allowing the disparate TfL Rail wings to fully cross the region.

We look forwards to next month, when we'll be reporting on Crossrail Ltd asking for another £700m or so for the fitting out of all these tunnels we're starting to suspect aren't even there. [Londonist]