Trainline Automates Buying Split Tickets for Cheaper Train Travel

By Gary Cutlack on at

The hardcore traveller's secret of splitting up long rail journeys to get cheaper tickets has gone mainstream, thanks to popular ticketing service Trainline integrating its SplitSave system within its booking app.

SplitSave is designed to automatically trawl the ticketing system to see if you can break one long trip down into two or three or four or more shorter, cheaper ones, all entirely legally, but now without having to manually populate your own route data and book individual legs separately with your train company.

The weird thing is that you stay on the same train for the entirety of any split-ticketed journey, as if you'd bought one costlier direct ticket; but for less money, due to the weird ways of the rail companies and their incomprehensible ticket price structures. [Trainline via BBC]