UK Bankers Would Like a Lie-In in the Mornings

By Gary Cutlack on at

People who make their money from other people losing theirs would like to be allowed to do so during more sociable hours, with those who ply trades on the UK's stock exchanges petitioning for a later start to their working days.

Currently, the main UK share trading indices open for business at 8:00am, meaning workers have to be in the Audi Q5 at their local train station by something crazy, like 5:45am. This is causing stresses for the poor old stock and money dealers, and isn't fair when the likes of the US don't see their trading day open until 9:30am Their Time.

Hence the Association for Financial Markets in Europe and the Investment Association are asking whoever they need to ask for the working day to be shortened by 90 minutes, favouring something like a 9-4 system instead. The London Stock Exchange initiated the debate by opening a consultation on the matter, with Galina Dimitrova from the IA saying: "It's high time we end the long hours culture, which is detrimental to diversity and mental health, and inefficient for the markets. The London Stock Exchange now has the opportunity to lead the way. We will be looking for exchanges across Europe to follow suit." [Yahoo]