The UK Sucks When it Comes to Giving Value for Money for Broadband

By Shabana Arif on at

When compared to the rest of Europe, the UK is amongst the worse offenders when it comes to value-for-money broadband packages.

Of the 29 countries in Western Europe, France pipped everyone to the post with the cheapest average broadband package price of $27.81 ( £21), followed by Germany with $28.74 ( £22), Andorra with $32.65 ( £25), and Italy with $33.28 ( £25.50) . The UK just missed out on the top five, coming in at no.6 with an average price of  $35.71 ( £27.35) but that means diddly squat in the grander scheme of things because our speeds are so crappy.

So much so in fact, that on the value-for-money metric, we slide right down to 23 out of 29, and globally, we carry on plummeting all the way down to 81st. If you're in the UK, the cost per 1Mbps of bandwidth, per month, is around $1.07 ( £0.82).

The stats come courtesy of, a site that compares Broadband deals to find you the best price. The website's consumer telecoms analyst, Dan Howdle, observed that, "the price of fixed-line broadband globally continues to fall, while speeds continue to rise."

Referencing Cable's worldwide broadband speed comparison, Howdle commented that "countries with slow, patchy broadband infrastructure that supplies only a fraction of the population tend to be the most expensive. Likewise, those with exceptional, often full-fibre (FTTH) infrastructure supplying the majority of the population tend to be the cheapest, if not in absolute terms, certainly on a cost-per-megabit basis."

He added that the UK "is still heavily reliant on part-copper networks, coming rather late to the party when it comes to pure fibre (FTTH). It is therefore falling far behind most of Europe in terms of the value offered." The cost of 1Mbps of bandwidth in the UK is significantly higher than in other Western countries, like Sweden ($0.12/£0.09), Portugal ($0.20/£0.15), and Spain ($0.21/£0.16).

"This comes as no surprise when you consider that, apart from Virgin Media, which owns its own network, and some very small local providers, the speeds available to UK households have not significantly changed for the majority of the UK population in the last five to six years. Prices, meanwhile, have risen steadily." So sucks to be here in the UK with our shitty broadband prices, although if we transition to 5G instead of cable broadband, perhaps we'll be in for a sweeter deal.

Feature image credit: Unsplash