Unilever Plans to Dump PG Tips as Tea Sales Fall

By Gary Cutlack on at

Enormous international conglomerate Unilever has had enough of selling tea bags to British people, and is trying to offload its PG Tips and Lipton brands in the face of falling overall sales of tea products. It probably should've kept that to itself before trying to negotiate a price.

Coffee and herbal teas are taking over with the young people, and this coincides with Unilever's chief exec Alan Jope wanting to slim down the company a little and focus on selling fewer brand names. Putting it bluntly, Jope says drinkers of traditional teas are dying, saying fans of PG Tips and Unilever's other tea brands Brooke Bond and Lipton are "getting older and consuming less and starting to fall over."

The replacement younger people need wellness claims and experiences and photogenic options with their drinks now, he laments. Maybe it's time to train up a new generation of talking monkeys and rebrand them as UK Tips and British Bond for the old people who stir in as much sugar as they damn well like? [BBC]