US Ambassador Slaps Chlorinated Chicken Back on the Table

By Gary Cutlack on at

The US ambassador to the UK has once again made the bizarre request that our food borders should be opened to America's chlorine-rinsed meat products, and has called for our Food Standards Agency to kill off the issue once and for all by rubber stamping the chlorination process as totally fine for use in imported foodstuffs.

Ambassador Woody Johnson wrote a letter to The Times giving his opinions on potential meat trade war, and said: "Your own Food Standards Agency has already approved antimicrobial washes to stop food poisoning in pre-washed salads sold across the UK. Perhaps it should recommend including chicken in this treatment."

There's bad news for whoever's going to be in charge of any future UK/US trade deal, as Woody's demanding US chicken is cleared for import to the UK as part of a wider deal, adding: "These products should absolutely be included in a US-UK free trade agreement that will create new markets for farmers from both countries and offer more choices to British and American consumers."

The UK's secretary of state for environment, food and rural affairs ruled this out a few weeks back, so decades of full-on deadlocked trade talks it is, then. [The Times via inews]