EU Trade Commissioner Calls Bullshit on US Threats Over Huawei

By Shabana Arif on at

This will-they-won't-they nonsense surrounding the UK's decision on Huawei because of pressure from the US needs to end because Trump is bluffing, says EU trade commissioner Phil Hogan.

The deadline for the UK's decision on whether it will allow Huawei to supply the kit for its 5G network is fast approaching. The US has been turning the screws after declaring that the Chinese tech giant poses a security threat, despite providing no evidence to back up those claims. The most recent development in the saga saw UK ministers meet with US deputy national security adviser, Matt Pottinger, who is said to have actually provided some kind of evidence but there's been no official word on what that was, or if it even exists.

The issue with not cutting ties with Huawei is the threat of the US ceasing intelligence sharing with the UK on the basis that we too will become a security threat as a result. MI5 seems to think this is a load of old bollocks, and so does everyone else, it seems.

Speaking at a press conference in London, Hogan said that all of the US' bluster is nothing more than "a bit of sabre-rattling," saying he doesn't think it will actually follow through on its threats.

“We can call [Trump’s] bluff on that one [the US laying down conditions over Huawei],” he said, before adding that Europe would look to “develop criteria in which people can trade fairly. We can’t say to Huawei, 'you cannot come into the EU', that’s not what we want. We don’t subscribe to the view that whatever you do you block Huawei. If they actually implement the rules of the game … all competition is welcome and must be fair."

Now it's just a matter of whether the UK will have the balls to ignore Trump's protests and make up its own mind on its trade relations. [The Guardian]