Virgin Promises a Free Broadband Speed Boost to Over a Million Customers

By Tom Pritchard on at

Is your internet too slow for you? Perhaps it's because you got used to whatever speed you have, and want to be able to get more stuff faster. Or maybe it's just slow and infuriating. Well there's good news if you're with Virgin, because it's promising more than a million of its broadband customers are getting a free speed boost.

Virgin has decided that its going to upgrade a load of people up to the 100Mbps plan, without actually charging them any more money for it. So in other words if you're on a slower plan, like the M50 plan or something older and slower that new customers can't have, you're probably going to see an increase in speed quite soon.

Oh and it is happening automatically, so it's not like you need to phone Virgin and sit on hold for five hours getting more and more agitated everytime the robot interrupts the music to tell you you're in a queue.

So the average speed for Virgin Customers on M100 is 108Mbps, which Virgin claims is more than twice the UK average. And with the price not going up, you're getting the plan for £5 less than usual. Assuming you're paying full price for your connection, that is.

No word on whether this means the M100 will drop to £37 a month for everyone not getting the upgrade (like new customers), but hey, faster internet is nice. Provided you are in a Virgin area, that is.