Wales Approves Ban on Smacking Kids

By Gary Cutlack on at

Wales has joined Scotland in banning the smacking of children by their parents even if they've done something extremely terrible with a football to dad's greenhouse, thanks to the Welsh Assembly passing a bill that includes laws to outlaw the physical punishment of kids.

The law should be in place by 2022, with Welsh first minister Mark Drakeford saying: "Times have changed and there is no place in a modern society for the physical punishment of children. Wales joins Scotland in being the first parts of the UK to see through a positive change to this key piece of legislation."

Obviously some Welsh Conservative members were against the ban as they're known to be well up for making children cry, with some double-barrelled surnamed old Janet saying the bill is guilty of "stepping into the private lives of families" in removing the standard excuse of reasonable punishment from the books, and the Guardian found a sociologist who worries it could heap more pressure on social services; plus there's the menace of potential false accusations to deal with. [Guardian]

Image credit: Unsplash