Welsh Language Folk Banger Tops UK iTunes Chart

By Gary Cutlack on at

We have a Welsh name and song title in the clipboard of this computer, as thanks to one of those viral efforts that doesn't usually work the UK iTunes chart is currently topped by Dafydd Iwan ac Ar Log - Yma O Hyd. We laugh, but the number two song is Tones and I - Dance Monkey which we haven't heard of either and have an equally low chance of being able to accurately hum.

The song's success is down to members of Welsh independence campaign group YesCymru deciding to all buy it/stream it at once to highlight something important like that Wales exists, much to the happiness of Dafydd Iwan and folk band Ar Log. Here's a bit of Welsh folk to help fill the page up:

The super low effort video is because it's a Welsh folk song from 1981, so there wasn't much need for a video at the time. This more recent live performance clip has the lyrics in English, if you want to see if he's being rude or not. It's mostly just rugby match level banter. [iTunes chart via BBC]