The West Midlands' Roads Will Be Free of Petrol and Diesel Cars in 20 Years, or Else

By Shabana Arif on at

All petrol and diesel cars will be banned from the roads in the West Midlands by 2041, so it's time to get an EV or move.

The plan outlined in the #WM2041 document sees the region committing to a number of "ambitious" targets, and they're not messing about. A net-zero emissions goal has been set for 2041 that includes a "new infrastructure which will encourage moral shift, reduce emissions, and support clean air" when it comes to transport.

Buses will be retrofitted and upgraded to meet low emissions standards, new rail stations and bus routes will be implemented to get commuters out of their cars and onto public transport, and cycling infrastructure will be bolstered to encourage cycling and walking as viable alternatives to pootling about in your car.

Clamping down on cars alone isn't going to cut it, but the plan has that covered with new design standards for eco-friendly homes, and more charging stations for EVs.

But that's not enough, say activists, who point to Birmingham airport and HS2 as problems that need to be dealt with in order to really drive those emissions down.

Either way, you'd better get walking, or pack up and look or somewhere that won't kick you off the roads for not driving an EV. [BirminghamLive]

Feature image credit: Unsplash