What Are Your Media Consumption New Year's Resolutions?

By Germain Lussier on at

The most common New Year’s resolutions all relate to health. Get more exercise, change your diet, etc. In 2020 though, health is no longer improved just by going to the gym and eating better. Mental health, especially, can also be related to your media consumption.

Do you spend too much time on your phone? Are you watching too much TV? Will you troll on Twitter a little too often? Things like these can negatively impact your well-being and state of mind. Then there’s the other, slightly more selfish, side. Do you not watch enough TV? Do you wish you could go to the movies more? Are you desperately behind on video games or is that pile of books by your bed a little too tall?

Changing your media consumption, either by increasing it or decreasing it, are quick and easy New Year’s resolutions that maybe you hadn’t thought of before. And let’s be honest. Resolving to read more books or play more games so you can be part of the conversation is infinitely more fun than giving up carbs.

So, below, tell us your media consumption New Year’s resolutions. How many books are you behind? Do you need to spend less on movies? Are you, like me, finding it hard to play Death Stranding? It can go either way, and we’re here for all of it.

Featured image: Sony