Andy Serkis Boards the Family-Friendly Witcher Wagon in The Letter for the King Teaser

By Beth Elderkin on at

Netflix is leaning hard into this medieval fantasy thing. The first teaser is out for The Letter for the King, a series that stars Andy Serkis and His Dark Materials’ Amir Wilson in a tale about a young hero of “ancient prophecy” rising up against a warlord and uniting all the realms. Stop me if you’ve heard this one.

In the first teaser trailer, revealed by Entertainment Weekly, we hear a Dragonheart 3-esque narrator telling us of some epic war that the kingdoms of Unauwen and Dagonaut have waged on the southern lands of Eviellan for... reasons?... until a tyrannical ruler from... somewhere?... does some evil stuff that makes things worse. But luckily there’s a prophecy, because there’s always a goddamned prophecy.

Based on the novel by Dutch writer Tonke Dragt, The Letter for the King focuses on a young knight-in-training named Tiuri (Wilson) who’s tasked with delivering a secret letter to a king that’ll do...something? I’m guessing stop the war that’s been going on for thousands of years, though it’s unclear how or why, or even what side this warlord is on. Despite all the voice-over explanations in this teaser, it’s very unclear what the crap is actually going on in this fantasy world. I’m sure it makes sense if you’ve read the book!