BBC Wants Another £3 a Year for its Licence Fee

By Gary Cutlack on at

Our polarising national broadcaster is about to benefit from many additional multiples of £3 a year, as the cost of paying the licence fee is to rise from £154.50 to £157.50 on the 1st of April.

Don't forget you also get radio for this, and to make radio sound exciting they've rebranded lots of radio as podcasts now, even though podcasts are like repeats of radio. You also get Lauren Laverne pairing dresses and wellies in a field at Glastonbury, political news that both does and does not support your favourite political team simultaneously, Stacy Whatsername on BBC Three investigating things Alan Whicker already found about in the 1970s but all that knowledge has been lost, women's sport now too, repeats of This Life, and acres of extremely boring local news. It's not all ringfenced for Gary Lineker and Zoe Ball.

The £3 sum is the inflation-linked agreed price rise that's locked in to happen each year until 2022, when the government will have another, potentially apocalyptic think about the corporation's funding model. [BBC]