Boiler Company Jumps on Valentine's Day Bandwagon With This Bizarre Deal

By Shabana Arif on at

If you're looking to get a new boiler installed, then you can schedule it for Valentine's Day for the chance to get your gas bill paid for the whole year.

Boxt is running a Valentine's Day competition that will see five customers be selected to have their gas bill paid for the year (equivalent to £700) if you 'ditch your old flame' on Valentine's Day. To be eligible you need to actually buy the boiler on Monday, February 10, or Tuesday, February 11, on the website and select an installation date of Friday, February 14. So if you had a romantic weekend break planned, forget about it.

"February is notoriously one of the worst months for boiler troubles, so if you've hit a rocky patch recently with your old one, we say why not take control and break up before it breaks down!" said Andy Kerr co-founder at BOXT. “It really is perfect time to give your old flame the cold shoulder and move on.”

The deal runs from just after midnight on Sunday, up until just before midnight on Tuesday. You can find the terms and conditions right here.