Government Hopes to Negotiate a Post-Brexit Space at the EU's Horizon Science Jam

By Gary Cutlack on at

Losing access to the £85bn European scientific investment fund pulled together under the Horizon banner was one of academia's worst fears for post-Brexit UK, but we may yet retain access as the government has said that a seat at the high table with the Bunsen burners is on the list of Things We'll Ask To Keep under a separate deal with the EU.

Horizon Europe is specifically mentioned in the government's document on The Future Relationship with the EU [PDF], which outlines – perhaps a bit too late, eh? – many of the fine cross-border scientific efforts we now face automatic exclusion from. The document says: "The UK will consider a relationship in line with non-EU Member State participation with the following programmes: Horizon Europe, Euratom Research and Training, and Copernicus. The UK will consider service access agreements for the following programmes: EU Space Surveillance and Tracking, and the European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service."

When they say "consider" presumably they actually mean "ask very nicely if we can keep coming to the meetings" and then pay a few billion pounds in order to make it happen. Doubt that's the specific type of Brexit anyone voted for, but there you are. [The Future Relationship with the EU [PDF] via BBC]