Brexit Voter Enraged by Long Airport Queue

By Holly Brockwell on at

A Brexit voter on holiday in Amsterdam was dismayed to find that he was required to stand in an immigration queue for nearly an hour, raging that it "isn't the Brexit [he] voted for."

Unsurprisingly, Colin Browning's tweet – which judging by his previous tweets does not appear to be satire – received a lot of attention, gaining thousands of retweets and many, many incredulous responses from Remainers.

Said responses mostly pointed out that longer queues in airports are exactly the Brexit Colin voted for – that ending freedom of movement goes both ways – to which he responded: "I didn’t vote to stand in a queue for over an hour why [sic] some jobsworth checks our passports."

However, it transpired that Browning wasn't even correct about the cause of the delay. Schiphol airport explained that they were just doing some training that day, and hapless Colin and his pals got the brunt of it:

Since the explanation, Colin has changed his tune, although his tweets are still very much on brand:

We would say "all's well that ends well," but there's no way all the Brexit shenanigans will end well. Or at all, probably. [The Independent]

Featured image: Adhitya Andanu from Pexels