Canals May Contribute to Heating Public Spaces

By Gary Cutlack on at

The government has pledged £20m to a handful of local renewable heat generation schemes, the most baffling collection of keywords being one that'll use the canal system to somehow generate warm air for hospitals and council homes in the West Midlands.

The money will head to the Green Smart Community Integrated Energy System and nine other small local projects, with the ambition of creating heat networks that run solely on renewables and blended-in waste heat from industry. 12,500 homes in the London borough of Islington and the West Mids and various other soon-to-be-hotspots should be covered in the end, chopping emissions by 80 per cent in some schemes and tackling fuel poverty by generally being cheaper to use.

As for how the Midlands' canals contribute... that's via geothermal energy, running temperate canal water in Sandwell through heat pumps to contribute to the warming of a local tower block. [UKRI via Guardian]