Don't Forget, Apple Could Be Launching a Cheaper Version of Its HomePod Smart Speaker This Year

By Shabana Arif on at

Apple's contribution to the world of smart speakers kicked off in 2018 with the HomePod, and while it didn't exactly make a splash - barely a ripple in fact - a refreshed mini version could be on the way.

The HomePod made its debut two years ago and we didn't think it was that great compared to the competition. Priced at £319 at launch, it got a permanent price drop of £40 last year, but that wasn't enough to sway us. Even after six months of living with the speaker, there are still alternative options that can do the same thing for much cheaper.

So it's good news that there could be a smaller, cheaper HomePod in the works that may see a 2020 release. The rumours first began last year, when Bloomberg reported that Apple was working on a cheaper HomePod that's likely to have two tweeters rather than the seven that are featured in the HomePod.

The main issue for the smart speaker is that it's pretty dumb, what with Siri functionality being a bit shit. Apple positioned the HomePod as a speaker, first and foremost, that had a virtual assistant, and that's where it seems to have scuppered things up. If Apple is ferreting away with plans for a HomePod Mini, we'll probably get an announcement at its spring event, expected in March. [Ubergizmo]