Disney+'s Annual Subscription is £10 Less if You Sign up Before 23rd March

By Tom Pritchard on at

Back in the run-up to Disney+'s North American launch, it was announced that anyone who signed up early and 'pre-order' would be able to get a discount on their subscription - an offer that was noticeably absent when Disney announced the UK pricing last month. Now, though, Disney has revealed early subscribers will be able to get £10 off the annual discount.

Normally an annual subscription would cost you £60 a year, while a monthly subscription would come with a £6 monthly price tag. So all-in-all you'd be saving £22 by committing to a year of Disney+ right now.

Whether you'd want to is another matter. So far the Disney+ UK Twitter account has been slowly drip-feeding up with information about what will be available, and up to now it's just all the original series Disney could have launched back in November. And even then it sounds like Disney is staggering the release for no reason whatsoever, rather than just dumping everything that's already been released elsewhere in one go.

At least you have until 23rd March to make up your mind, and if you decided you do want to pre-order Disney+ you can now commit to subscribing over on the Disney+ website.