eBay is Having a Pre-Valentine's Day, Post-January Sale Because the Site Would Implode Otherwise

By Shabana Arif on at

If you're feeling discombobulated in the wake of Brexit last week, know that eBay is a beacon of consistency in this shifting landscape with yet another bloody sale.

eBay's January payday sale that was only running during a very short, very specific window of time has come to an end; because it's not payday anymore. But don't worry if you blinked and missed it, because we've rolled right into another one. Starting today, you can get your pre-Valentine's Day pamper on, with 14 per cent off purchases.

As always, it only applies to a list of particular sellers which you can view here, but there's 87 of them so you're sure to find something you're after from one of them. Maybe you'll even spot something you have no need for whatsoever, but there's a sale on, so why not? Just enter the code PAMPER14 at checkout to enjoy your discount.

You need to spend a minimum of £20 in order to redeem the code, and there's a maximum of £75 discount per transaction. The code is good for two uses and is limited to UK accounts with a UK shipping address. The sale kicks off today and runs up until midnight on Thursday, February 6. If you need some ideas for Valentine's Day gifts before you start shopping, be sure to check out our guide for 10 Failsafe Valentine's Day Presents For Anyone, Even You. It won't lead you wrong.

Feature image credit: Unsplash