Northern Ireland's Eden Project Comes With a Thatched Acorn Centrepiece

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Eden Project's expansion into an eco-getaway franchise continues, with the designer of the planned Eden Project Foyle site in Northern Ireland revealing what the environmental day out may look like if/when built. It won't be the same without Cornish pasties, though.

The plan for this one is more outdoorsy fun than the domed isolation of Eden 1, as the site is spanned by tree-top walkways and rope bridges, also including the controversial fun of zip-wires that will almost certainly cost extra to go on, otherwise the queueing time will be counted in days. The building pictured above is known as The Acorn, and that'll be the main building where you get whatever local foods Northern Ireland is famous for and where the shop will be, although the exterior has been designed to offer a Neolithic-style shelter that uses timber and thatch because... the environment.

There will be some traditional buildings on site too, as in order to curry favour with planners the Eden developers are asking to renovate two old estate houses that currently occupy part of the site on the banks of the river Foyle, with Boom Hall and Brook Hall and their various lovely old walled gardens both set to benefit from the incoming development funds. In return, the site should support 2,233 new jobs, put £62m a year into the local economy, and attract 400,000 visitors. [Eden Project Foyle via Dezeen]