Eight-Year-Olds Can Still Rinse Mum's Credit Card for £1.5k of In-Game Junk

By Gary Cutlack on at

A sad-faced mum whose kid blew £1,450 on an in-app transaction bender is trying her best to get Apple and the credit card companies to write off the debt, but it's not looking great thanks to the exemplary hacking skills of the eight-year-old in question.

This is not your usual case of a kid hammering the disgusting £69.99 pretend in-game money shop icon without any awareness of the consequences, as the unnamed child of Katie Phillips managed to reset her brand new iPad's security settings so her own jam-covered little finger was granted ultimate authority over the device's payment approvals – then self-approved all of her 255 app purchases made within whatever bullshit experience Roblox offers.

Katie says the child "said she thought it was free" despite the security workaround she so deftly managed, adding that she did at least "look sorry" and squeezed out a few tears when explained to about money and what £1,450 means in terms of night shifts down at Asda. Barclaycard has agreed to waive the interest on the £1,890 credit card bill, leaving just the £1,450 outstanding for the in-app Bux or Creditz or whatever. The iPad has been confiscated, but if the kid can bypass fingerprint security she shouldn't have much of a problem locating it and fishing it out of mum's bra drawer. [BBC]