Giving One Town Electric Buses is Today's World-Saving Initiative

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Department for Transport would like to be considered the pioneering good guys of today, as it's revealed a weird sort of regional lottery from which one lucky town will benefit from enough money to revolutionise itself with a fleet of all-electric buses.

English local authorities may bid for the e-bus money right now, with transport secretary Grant Shapps saying: "...Britain's first all-electric bus town is just the start. Helping deliver on our manifesto promise, this £170 million package will help us to create communities which are cleaner, easier to get around and more environmentally friendly, speeding up journeys and making them more reliable."

The £50m electric bus fund is coming as part of that larger £170 million fund set aside to promote the taking of buses by us proles instead of firing up a car, with a £20m slice going towards initiating "on-demand ride sharing" bus services for rural areas, where buses are wont to roll around empty apart from maybe one old lady going to the end of the line for something to do on a Friday morning. A bus, booked by an app that wakes up the driver and doesn't go around empty just in case, could save numerically impressive amounts of carbon dioxide and that other bad stuff that comes out of diesel engines hitting the atmosphere. [GOV via BBC]