E-Scooters Solve Nothing, Says European Environment Agency

By Gary Cutlack on at

The grim flood of crappy e-scooter hire schemes we're about to see enabled will not do anything for the environment or the cleanliness of our grey city air, because the people likely to impulse-hire one for a ten-minute laugh would've walked or got the train or bus instead, had the thing not been temptingly dumped in a tangled pile of metal in some urban doorway.

That's the opinion of the European Environment Agency, which warns against cities getting excited about electric scooter hire revolutionising anything or helping meet clean air targets. The manufacturing processes and sad disposability of hire machines is highlighted too, with the EEA saying: "While the use of shared e-scooters generates few direct environmental impacts, their green credentials can be questioned by the substantial negative impacts associated to their materials, their manufacturing and their frequent collection for recharging purposes."

Encouraging people to walk or cycle or just get the bus is preferable, the agency says, adding: "...public transport, walking and cycling for short city journeys provide the greatest benefits for both human health and the environment in urban areas." [EEA via Bikebiz]

Image credit: Unsplash