Bike Training to be Offered to Every Child in England

By Gary Cutlack on at

The government is about to raise funding for cycle training across England, and is promising that an additional 400,000 places on various local schemes will be made available – enough for every child in the country to have a few sessions and lessons. Lesson one: It's all your fault and get out of the way for the nice man in his Audi who's already late because there was a queue of inexperienced young shoppers taking too long to pay in Costa.

The UK's BikeAbility training-cum-enthusiasm-raising scheme currently covers around 50 per cent of children in England, so the expansion is extremely pleasing to UK cycling and walking minister Chris Heaton-Harris, who said: "Extending Bikeability training will inspire the next generation to take to the roads as confident and proficient cyclists and will play an important role in helping us meet our net-zero emission targets."

However, non-governmental and unofficial The People's UK Cycling Tsar Chris Boardman is worried we're solving the wrong problem, as teaching children to be a bit safer in unsafe spaces surrounded by people in SUV tanks who only want them to get out of the way does not tackle the root cause of why parents aren't keen to put their kids on the roads in the first place. Boardman said: "Without providing children with safe places to continue this habit into their everyday lives, this investment can't be truly maximised. It's like training an athlete up for the Olympics and then not putting them on their flight to compete." [Bikebiz]