EE is Giving All its Pay Monthly Customers Six Months of Free BritBox

By Tom Pritchard on at

EE has all sorts of perks these days, many of them involving free subscriptions to streaming services that you may or may not have any interest in. Well now there's another one which will be great if you like watching classic Doctor Who or binging Downton Abbey non-stop: BritBox.

Available from 13th March EE is giving all new and existing pay monthly customers a six month subscription to the service. That also includes inclusive data, which means you won't end up using up your monthly allowances binge-watching old episodes of Coronation Street on the bus.

Obviously the free subscription won't just be restricted to your phone, and you can carry on watching through the BritBox app on whatever other devices you have. Tablets, TVs, set-top boxes, and so on.

Then if you still want to subscribe to the service after the initial six months, you can grab BritBox as part of your EE bill for £6 a month - which is the same amount of money it would cost you to subscribe separately. So if you want the convenience, there's your option. It will probably start eating up your data at that point, though.

You can find more information over on EE's website.