The 'New' Galaxy Buds+ Are Barely Any Different From the Old Galaxy Buds

By Tom Pritchard on at

When a new phone comes out we're all pretty clued in on what happens. The specs don't change that much, and you only end up with tiny incremental updates each time a new device is released. We don't like it, but we're used to it. Now, though, the problem is that those incremental updates are creeping out into other devices, and the new Galaxy Buds+ are the prime example.

How different are the Galaxy Buds+ from the original Galaxy Buds? Not very, to be honest.

The battery life is the main boost, which fair enough has seen a hefty increase. The Buds+ have an 11 hour battery life and get an additional 11 hours from the charging case - which is nearly double what the originals had to offer.

The Buds+ also have a third microphone, which would be a boon for those that found last year's models to be a bit rubbish, and it has one touch Spotify controls for those of you who use Spotify and need easy access to the service without looking at your phone.

That's it, though, and as the rumours suggested they are missing a certain feature - active noise cancelling. Sure that would drain the battery life quite a bit, but when you think about how much the battery has been improved surely you can take a bit of a dip? As much as bigger headphones offer better ANC, it's still nice to be included.

The general design is the same too, though there was never anything wrong with that in the first place. Still not a huge change, so let's hope that the audio quality gets the same kind of boost as the battery.

They're going on sale this Friday (14th) and they cost £159 - £20 more than the original Galaxy Buds when they came out