All the Best UK Network Deals Available for the Samsung Galaxy S20

By Tom Pritchard on at

The Samsung Galaxy S20 might not be out in the UK for over a month (!), but that isn't stopping the networks from gladly sticking up sales pages and getting you to pledge to hand over your money once the phone is actually released. After all, you can't get a pair of Galaxy Buds+ if you don't pre-order, because nobody ever thought of spending £159 to buy them on their own.

Unless otherwise stated, all contracts are 24 months long, exclude trade-in offers, and include both unlimited calls and texts.

BT makes things nice and easy, and each of the two Galaxy S20 handsets only have three contracts to choose from. The cheapest is the 4G model with 6GB of data, which costs £55 a month and £50 upfront. That's followed by the 30GB and 100GB plans that cost £60 and £65 respectively, and each require a £10 upfront payment.

If you want 5G then you're going to pay at least £60 a month, with £50 upfront, for the same 6GB of data. That also means you can get 30GB and 100GB for £65 and £70, respectively, plus the £10 upfront fee on both.

EE never misses a trick, and with what is currently the largest 5G network coverage of any network it means this might be the place to buy the Galaxy S20 5G. Or it might not, depending on how much the prices are compared to the rest. So let's take a look.

Excluding trade-ins, your cheapest S20 5G plan is the 10GB data plan that costs £59 a month, with £50 upfront, and no swappable benefits to enjoy. Your most expensive is £20 more at £79 a month, with £30 upfront, coming with three swappable benefits and unlimited 5G data.

Those benefits cost you £5 a month as it turns out, because there's also an unlimited data plan that costs £74 a month and comes with zero extra perks to enjoy. Again that's with a £30 upfront fee.

But if you're still sticking with 4G, either by choice or necessity, your cheapest option is just £50 a month with £100 upfront- though that only comes with a piddly 1GB of data to use each month. £4 more and you get 4GB, which is a little better, and you have the added bonus of paying just £50 upfront.

On the more expensive end of the spectrum we have the unlimited data plans, the most expensive of which is £79 a month with £30 upfront (just like the 5G model), but only comes with two swappable perks. Honestly? I feel like if you're going for this option you might as well get the 5G model. At the very least it'll be more valuable for trade-ins whenever you get rid of it.

If you don't want the perks you'll save £5 a month, so for £74 a month and £30 upfront you'll get unlimited data and not much else. Again that's the same as the equivalent plan for the 5G model, so maybe just get that one instead.

giffgaff will have the new Galaxy S20, but so far there's nothing on its website to let you actually buy them. That said, it won't be doing plans like other networks, and your choices are to buy one SIM free, or pay monthly using RateSetter, and then grab a goodybag plan separately.

In case you forgot, the full price for the 4G S20 is £799 and £899 for the 5G. Goodybag's start at £6 a month for 500MB of data and go all the way up to £25 a month for an Always One plan - which nets you 80GB of full speed data, then reduced speeds (384kbps) between 8am and midnight afterwards.

All of O2's tariffs are customisable, which means you can pick and choose what you want your contract to be like, and the network will offer up a different monthly cost depending on what you go for. Factors include upfront payments, how long the contract is, how much dtaa you get, and so on.

There are pre-built plans, though, and if you're going for the 4G model the cheapest one is £42.50 a month with £30 upfront, and that gets you 3GB of monthly data. The priciest is £56.50 a month for the same 36 months, with £30 upfront, and that comes with unlimited data - which is nice.

Of course that's for the 4G model, and it means those are only 4G contracts. If you want 5G you're going to have to buy the right phone and the appropriate contract to go with it. Assuming you live in a 5G area, that is.

The S20 5G is available with customisable plans, but there are pre-built plans again. Strangely, at this point in time, the prices look exactly the same. You'd think they'd be more expensive, especially considering the phone itself is more expensive, right? Not that we're complaining.

That means you can get unlimited 5G data on a 36 month plan for £56.50 a month and £30 upfront. Which I guess isn't too bad. It could be worse.

Like the other networks, Sky Mobile has both the 4G and 5G models in stock, both of which start from £38 a month at the time of writing. In other words, it doesn't look like you're going to pay any extra for the 5G model, which is a good thing considering Sky only just launched 5G and it's not available in many places yet.

The only difference really is the colour choice, with the 4G only coming in grey and the 5G available in grey, blue, or pink.

Sky splits up the cost of the phone from the allowances, so the S20 (regardless of which model you get) will cost you £32 a month if you get it on a two year contract. Then you pick your allowances, the cheapest of which is £6 and nets you 1GB of data. That said 10GB only costs £10, so you're better off going with that. The most expensive is £25 and gets you 25GB, and everything else is somewhere in the middle.

My advice? Since it's the same price, get the 5G, since that will probably be more valuable come trade-in time. But if you want 4G, there's nothing wrong with choosing that one.

Three has both models of the S20 in stock, but there's only a very slight difference in price. In fact, across most of its plans the 4G model is only £1 a month less than the 5G, which comes out to a total saving of £24 over the source of the contract. The outlier is the unlimited plan, which being half price for six months means it's initially just a difference of 50p.

Let's talk 4G. That phone will cost you a minimum of £45 a month with £49 upfront, and that gets you 4GB of monthly data. The most expensive plan is Unlimited data and costs £30 a month for the first six months, before going up to £60 a month for the remaining 18. That also comes with a £49 upfront fee.

In the middle you have 12GB and 30GB, each costing £49 and £56 respectively, plus the same £49 upfront fee.

5G, obviously, isn't a whole lot different. Each of the four plans requires you pay £49 upfront, and prices are £46 for 4GB, £50 for 12GB, and £57 for 30GB. The unlimited is half price for six months again, meaning its £30.50 for the first six months, and then £61 a month for the final 18.

Virgin only sells the 5G Galaxy S20, which I suppose makes things easy, and promises that once its 5G network is up and running you'll be able to access it at no extra cost. Which is nice..

Prices for the 24 month contracts start at £52.50 a month, with nothing upfront, and that gets you 1000 minutes and 1GB of data. Which is shit. An extra £4 a month (£56.50) gets you 8GB, while paying £60.50 gets you 36GB - both of which are significantly better deals and come with a karger 5000 minute allowance.

There's a triple data deal going on right now, and that means you can get 120GB of data (and 5000 minutes) to use each month for just £68.50 - £8 a month less than it costs to sign onto the 100GB plan. It's also cheaper than the unlimited plan, which costs £78.50 a month plus the cost of subscribing to Virgin's TV or broadband services. So if you want a lot of data, get that one.

As with the other big names, Vodafone has both the 4G and 5G variants available, each with their own differing price points.

For the 4G model the cheapest option is £48 a month, but you should stay clear of that since it comes with just 1GB of data and requires a £229 upfront fee. Same for the £52 a month deal, which only gets you 5GB and wants £149 in advance. the 20GB plan, minus a streaming subscription of your choice, is £57 a month and requires £49 upfront. Yes, it's £10 more than the cheapest one, but it means you get twenty times more data to play with. Because let's be honest, 1GB is getting you nowhere.

The most expensive option is the Unlimited Max, which will cost £73 a month and £29 up front and gets you a streaming subscription bundled into your contract. Scrap the subscription and you only have to pay £67 a month, which is much more appealing. Naturally the Unlimited Max doesn't have any speed limits, which you should stay well away from.

If you're into 5G, your cheapest plan (not including trade-ins) is £52 a month with £149 upfront, which gets you 5GB of data to use each month. Not great, especially when you can get 20GB a month for £57 a month and just £49 upfront.

Your most expensive option is the full speed unlimited-data plan with a streaming subscription. That costs £73 a month and requires £29 upfront. Naturally if you want that without the subscription you can still get full speed unlimited data for £67 a month and the same £29 upfront.There are cheaper data plans available, but since they come with speed limits and again we advise you stay well away from those.