Gambling Industry Remains a Bastion of Women in Swimwear

By Gary Cutlack on at

Gambling and gaming industry trade show ICE London has failed to reform itself in the year since it was last shamed for allowing exhibitors to parade women in bikinis about the place, and has been at it again this week – and the industry regulator isn't bothered about fixing anything.

The BBC has collated photos from the trade show, which feature your cliched selection of Playboy-style bunnies hanging around roulette wheels clapping as a sweating man in a suit throws a four and a six, sexy ring girls reminding men how to count to 12, assorted women dressed up like genies because why not, and all manner of other outdated promotional flesh-showing activities that serve to entertain men of a certain age who won't be told to change their ways and definitely own all the Brexit tea towels and keep them ironed for special occasions.

The Gambling Commission has declined to act, saying it's a matter for the trade show itself to police, and the hired babes are out in force despite the event organiser's code of conduct saying that "partial or total nudity or overtly sexual or suggestive clothing or marketing methods will not be allowed," because what happens in Excel London between February 4 and 6 stays in Excel London, mainly because very few of the grim old men present know how to get photos off their phones anyway. [BBC]