Google's UK Play Store is Full of Scam Apps That are Brazenly Topping the App Charts

By Shabana Arif on at

Someone at Google has seriously dropped the ball if the Play Store is anything to go by, with a bunch of scam apps infiltrating the platform for long enough to make it to the top of the charts.

The current app topping the charts right now is Miniplexy from IK09 that has 1.5 stars and a ream of reviews calling it out for what it is - a farce. The 'free' app offers a streaming service that - unbeknownst to users - charges £4.50 per week via their phone bill, and unsurprisingly, it doesn't even deliver on the content because it's a sham. As evident by the slew of angry reviews:

Image credit: Google Play Store

Somehow, Miniplexy has managed to top the App Charts with over one million downloads, and it's not the only one of its ilk to worm its way into the Play Store under false pretences for the purpose of scamming people out of their money. Android Police has spotted a handful of other video-related apps pulling the same stunt, riffing on the names of legit streaming services to sucker people in, calling out Plexyvideo (which seem to have disappeared from the Play Store), Vidly Videos, and Plexify HD.

Both Miniplexy and Vidly Videos are currently sitting amongst the top apps in the Play Store's chart, at number one and number 40 respectively at the time of writing. Despite the lousy reviews, people are still downloading them, most likely because they believe that Google is practising some form of due diligence. So it seems that Google's App Defence Alliance isn't doing a great job at nipping scam apps in the bud before they're downloaded by swaths of people and sit, bold as brass, at the top of charts above apps like TikTok, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Someone needs to sort their shit out. In the meantime, don't download apps that seem too good to be true - they probably are. And for the love of god, read the reviews and look at their rating first. You can't rely on Google - clearly - to vet them for you. [Android Police]

Feature image credit: Google Play Store