Government Employees Lost More Than 2,000 Portables Last Year

By Gary Cutlack on at

A Freedom of Information request placed with various government departments has found that an astonishing number of portable devices have been lost by employees over the last year, with more than 2,000 phones, laptops and tablets declared lost or stolen over the past 12 months, or simply gone mysteriously missing in the days after a new iPhone was revealed.

The Ministry of Defence was the largest contributor, with its staff somehow losing 767 various tech things people were given for work purposes, ahead of HMRC, which logged 288 embarrassing cases of portable hardware being left or lifted and therefore gone. The FoI request also asked if the devices gone missing were known to be encrypted in any way, and found that around 200 most probably were not.

In its defence, the MoD says it tops the list because it is the biggest department with the most employees, hence it's mere statistical inevitability that is responsible for the larger number of losses, rather than any greater inherent likelihood to lose things in the manner of its staff. [BBC]

Image credit: YouTube