Government Tells the BBC the Licence Fee is Indeed Facing Abolition

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sources within the government have given the BBC a tip-off that it definitely wants to see the end of the licence fee, and plans to replace it with an entirely optional subscription model that would see huge chunks of the corporation's TV, radio and web news content binned for good.

According to The Sunday Times, the plan would see the BBC forced to sell very nearly all of the radio stations it operates today, also reducing the number of TV channels it currently beams and streams. BBC Parliament is unlikely to survive for a start, and the boss has already warned we might see the end of most of its children's output too, should the BBC be forced to go Netflix style.

"The whole thing needs a massive pruning back" is how an alleged inside source described the plan to decimate the corporation, which, if successfully steered through the relevant consultations and agreed with by Nigel Farage on Question Time, would most likely kick in in 2027, when the BBC's current charter to operate/exist expires and would need prior renegotiation anyway. [The Times]