Here's the Password to Get Your Two Free Pancakes at Bella Italia

By Holly Brockwell on at

It's Pancake Day on Tuesday the 25th of February, and we are excited.

Especially so now that we've heard you can get two free pancakes per person, with your choice of strawberry or chocolate sauce, on the day from Bella Italia.

To get your pancakes, you just have to rock up to your local branch on the day and quote the 'secret' (ahem) password:

Big Bella Pancake Giveaway

They didn't think about that one for very long, did they? At least it's not a hashtag.

You're not required to buy anything to make use of the offer, so you really can just walk in, eat your two free 'cakes and clear off again, if your conscience will allow. The offer's only open on the 25th, though – you can't just fill up on pancakes every time you walk past.

The pancakes in question are buttermilk, which means they contain gluten, eggs and milk. Bella Italia says it won't be offering any other types, so if you're vegan or gluten intolerant, sadly no free flippers for you.

The offer is open all day on the 25th, so you can have your pancakes for breakfast, lunch or dinner, although they are of course subject to availability. The restaurant recommends you get there early.

Branches of Bella Italia at airports and Center Parcs aren't included (sorry) and neither is takeaway or delivery. But you can use the freebie with other offers at the restaurant, if you fancy more of a meal.

More info on the Bella Italia website. Have a flippin' good Pancake Day, folks.