You Can Already Watch Disney+ in the UK, With Some Internet Trickery

By Tom Pritchard on at

Disney+ doesn't officially launch in the UK until 23rd March, which is almost a month away. But what if we said you could watch it all right now, without resorting to piracy? There is a way, and it's actually pretty easy - all you need to do is pre-order Disney+ and grab a VPN.

As discovered by our friends at TechRadar, it's possible to watch Disney+ already. All you need to do is sign up for a UK account, and then once you're logged in you use a VPN to access the existing US catalogue. But why couldn't you do this before, you say?

Because Disney wouldn't let people sign up unless they had a payment method that was valid in one of the approved territories. You could have tried to sign up for, say, a US or Dutch account, but as soon Disney clocked you had a UK-registered credit card you were booted from the registration process. Now, though, things are different. Because you can sign up with a UK card.

You do need to sign up for a full year, which means you can't really sign up and then cancel right away, though the bonus is you get £10 off the normal 12 month subscription, which is itself £12 less than paying month by month. What's more this early access doesn't affect your renewal date, since my account is set to renew on 21st March 2021, and essentially means you're getting 13 months for the price of 12.

And it does work; I checked, despite not wanting to sign up to Disney+ until Falcon and the Winter Soldier is released. You just have to make sure that the VPN is connected to the right country's server before you log in, or else it starts freaking out a bit. So bear that in mind.

In other words we can watch The Mandalorian, The Simpsons, and whatever episodes of The Clone Wars are available in full, right now, with necessarily resorting to piracy. Disney might not see this as a legitimate way to access Disney+, but then again they really should have launched it last year.

And if you need a VPN, we already have a list of some of the best. The porn block may not be happening, but there's still plenty of reasons to pick one up - like watching the adventures of Baby Yoda slightly early.

You can pre-order Disney+ over on the Disney+ website.