Ikea Has Slashed the Price of Its Breakfast to Just £1 for a Limited Time Only

By Shabana Arif on at

Hungry shoppers headed to Ikea over the next two months can get a belly full of breakfast for just a quid.

The price of Ikea's six-item breakfast has plummeted from £2.50 - which is already pretty cheap - to just £1. The reduced price kicks in starting today and according to the website, it'll stay that way until March 27, so head on down before 11am to partake.

The six-item brekkie includes a sausage, one piece of bacon, an omelette (although it's laughably small), one hash brown, some baked beans and half a grilled tomato, because giving out whole tomatoes is bad for business I guess. Looking at the list, I think maybe £2.50 was a little steep for what you're actually getting. This sounds like a plate of leftovers from someone else's Full English. The veggie version swaps out the sausage and bacon for a vegetarian sausage and mushrooms. Hopefully it's more than half a mushroom, but you can order it and find out.

It's only available at that price between Monday and Friday, when people are at work, and not on the weekends which are the days they're realistically going to be heading down there. You're better off stopping for breakfast on your way down there and getting a full-size portion so you can at least wander the aisles of Ikea and argue with your SO on a full belly. [Ikea via Metro]