Irn-Bru is Your Environmentally Sound Wind-Powered Beverage Choice

By Gary Cutlack on at

Irn-Bru manufacturer AG Barr is trying to bolster its environmental credentials, thanks to a deal with Swedish energy provider Vattenfall to supply its facilities with only the most natural energy produced by the nation's hardest, coldest, endlessly renewable coastal winds.

Vattenfall is to source 22GWh of 100 per cent renewable energy each year for Barr from the UK's varied wind generators, promising that eight of the fizzer's sites in Scotland and the north – and one straying as far south as Milton Keynes probably because there was a grant once –  will benefit from running on clean power, using as much energy as would power around 6,000 homes to pump CO2 into bottles and operate the robots that screw the lids on.

Barr's boss Roger White said: "Introducing 100 per cent renewable electricity across all our UK sites is a big step towards reducing our carbon footprint and delivering our ambitious sustainable business goals." [BBC]