KFC Scratch 'n' Sniff Moonpig Valentine's Day Cards Are a Thing You Shouldn't Be Sending to Anyone

By Shabana Arif on at

What could be more romantic than a shabby-looking, fast-food themed card that stinks of fried chicken? Literally anything else.

KFC is launching its exclusive line of Valentine's Day cards at Moonpig, which includes one Scratch ‘N’ Sniff creation that will envelop your lover's senses with the stench of KFC's Original Recipe. That smell is fine when there's chicken around to gobble up, but on its own? It's just nasty.

There are a total of eight designs to choose from, with a shout out to the KFC's Original Recipe Vegan Burger on one them. They've been created by Moonpig, or the child of someone at Moonpig, who's a budding art student doing work experience presumably.

Being Moonpig, you can customise the cards by popping the name of the recipient on the front, and adding photos and text of your choice on the inside, although I didn't know people were still using Moonpig these days. But those are some of the benefits of the service it provides, along with the choice of card packs, and card sizes, ranging from a standard 132mm x 185mm for £3.29, to a giant card measuring 293mm x 419mm for £9.99.

Although if you were hoping to get a giant scratch 'n' sniff card, you're out of cluck. It only comes in the standard size and there's a limited quantity of the things. What's more, 10 per cent of the proceeds from the cards sold will be donated to The KFC Foundation so you'll be helping out the kids should you decide to inflict one of these on somebody.

All image credit: Moonpig